Mountgay - Official Rum Supplier

A deed dating back to 1703 is proof of Mount Gay Rum's heritage as the oldest rum in the world. As a product of over 300 years of craftsmanship and refinement, Mount Gay has forged a unique appreciation and respect for time.

One that has been able to successfully remain relevant with each passing century, while simultaneously staying true to its heritage, one which is intertwined with the world of sailing. Mount Gay rum is intrinsically tied to the sailing scene and our Red Cap Parties have been the cornerstone of some great events around the world over many years.

We are delighted to be coming back to Cowes and to be working with Cowes Week again, the world's oldest sailing regatta, one where the social scene has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the sailing. Mount Gay is a brand rooted in the sport and it's great to be back working with the event to connect with thousands of sailors again.